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Art Institute of Chicago Events: Chicagoisms

Art Institute of Chicago Events - Chicagoisms

You can head to the locally loved Art Institute of Chicago to view the world's largest collection of Impressionist art. The art museum houses eclectic exhibitions and collections, offering guests an unrivaled cultural experience. Stroll through the displays, and you'll encounter art pieces from across the globe that span diverse time periods.

Until January 2015, visitors can come to see the Chicagoisms exhibition. If you've ever wondered about some of the world's best buildings, you won't want to miss this while you're in town. The collection focuses on urban history and architecture as it developed in this major U.S. city. The five Chicagoisms explored at length are principles that inspired the city's construction over time. Art and architecture lovers, history buffs and sightseers alike will appreciate the fascinating installations and interesting facts.

Sharpen your trivia skills as you learn more about distinct architectural movements that shaped building on a global scale. Contemporary architects are participating in a series that showcases a number of important issues today. You'll also hear more from architectural theorist Alexander Eisenschmidt and art historian Jonathan Mekinda, who collaborated to create "Chicagoisms: The City as Catalyst for Architectural Speculation".  The recent publication has come to life in an energetic dialogue with some of the industry's leading voices.

Book your stay at our Chicago hotel now, and enjoy a cozy stay in the heart of the city's must-see hotspots. You can also learn more about this special event and other upcoming exhibits at www.artic.edu.
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