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644 W. Diversey Pkwy, Chicago, Illinois 60614

Check out these art galleries steps from your stay at Days Inn Chicago!

There's no doubt that Chicago is an art mecca.  And while the larger institutions are certainly worth a visit, there are a number of other gems to be seen.  Check out these smaller galleries- all within a short distance of Days Inn. 


The Platt Fine Art Gallery is currently running an exhibition on artist Werner Drewes, who is considered one of the founders of American abstraction.  Originally born in Germany in 1899, Drewes was trained under the guidance of Paul Klee.  With the rise of Hitler abstract art became increasingly suspect by the Nazi regime and thus Drewes immigrated to The United States and contributed extensively to abstraction within the US.  While his works can be seen at major museums all over the country don't miss this opportunity to see this essential American artist in a smaller, more intimate setting.


Galleries Maurice Sternberg offers the opportunity to explore the works of various artists housed within an elegant and intimate setting.  Established in 1945, the gallery specializes in 19th and 20th century American and European paintings as well as living artists from around the world.  A few artists who are currently on view include the Surrealist and Dadaist Joan Miro, the Impressionistic water colors of Martha Walter, and the quasi-voyeuristic scenes of Richard Sorrell.  Maybe a particular piece caught your eye?  The gallery sells all works.  Just be sure to make an appointment to visit!


While not a gallery, The DePaul Art Museum offers the resources of larger institutions with the intimacy of smaller art spaces.  The museum's permanent collection is comprised of more than 3,000 works and is diverse in both culture and geographic region.  There are strong representations of Chicago-based and regional artists, North & Latin American photography, as well as contemporary and traditional West African works.  The museum is also host to a number of changing exhibitions throughout the year.  Currently on view includes: Barbra Rossi, Tony Fitzpatrick, and Selina Trepp. 

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