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Chicago Symphony Orchestra: Fall 2014 Schedule

Chicago Symphony Orchestra: Upcoming Concerts & Performances

Fall is a wonderful time of year to visit Chicago. And, with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in full swing, there are even more fun things to do while you're here. To start planning your stay, check out some of the upcoming events by the internationally acclaimed CSO.

Muti Conducts Beethoven 9
- The 2014-'15 season kicks off with style and substance this season. Conducted by Riccardo Muti, the CSO and Chorus will present Beethoven's upbeat classical masterpiece. Whether you are trained with a classical ear or less familiar with the genre, you'll experience the energy of the intricate composition and instrumentation. Everyone in the room will be able to appreciate a grand finale with "Ode to Joy".

Muti Conducts Tchaikovsky 4
- Another program featuring a famous composition, Muti will lead the Chicago Symphony Orchestra through several Tchaikovsky performances. If you're planning a romantic getaway in Chicago, the intermingling of woodwinds and pizzicato strings will be music to your ears. In addition to this talented rendition of the Fourth, this series also includes Berlioz and Debussy.

Muti Conducts the Firebird - In October, the riveting performances continue. Start with Tchaikovsky's Third Symphony, as the eclectic concert covers popular Baroque-period pieces. Stravinsky's popular Firebird Suite will surely be one of the stars of the show.

For more information about the programs and performances, please visit cso.org. Throughout the autumn season, the Symphony Center will also host the Symphony Ball and other special events. Reserve your stay at our hotel soon for easy access to this enriched cultural attraction.
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