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644 W. Diversey Pkwy, Chicago, Illinois 60614

Picasso exhibit in Chicago

Celebrating a 100-year relationship between Picasso and Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago has brought together more than 250 of Picasso’s finest works of art including paintings, prints, ceramics, drawings and sculpture from private collections in Chicago, as well as from the collection in the museum. This massive display is the first Picasso exhibition of this size in almost 30 years.


Highlighting an assortment and prominent works from the museum’s very own holdings and from collections from around the city, Picasso and Chicago covers the breadth of the artist’s career and chronicles the progression of Chicago and its much deserved prominent place in the art community. Adding to the celebration of this noted artist and the connection of his works to Chicago are special presentations and interactive programming, like weekend lectures and workshops.


Located in beautiful Grant Park, The Art Institute of Chicago is committed to collecting, preserving, and interpreting the most notable and highest quality works of art in the world. The mission of the institution’s museum is to inspire and educate the public and represent the world’s most diverse artistic traditions. Currently, the museum is most known for its collections of more than 30 Monet paintings, including Haystacks and Water Lilies. Also in the rare collection are works by Renoir, such as Two Sisters (On the Terrace).

Exhibit takes place until May 12, 2013
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