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644 W. Diversey Pkwy, Chicago, Illinois 60614

Check out some of the best ice cream Chicago has to offer!

Now that the official close of summer has commenced with the passing of the Autumn Equinox, it might be a good time to relive some of the glory of the warmer days.  Why not indulge in one of the best parts of summer all over again?  I'm talking about ice cream!  Read on to get the scoop on these local joints.  Plus, there's always that one random stretch of warm weather that surprises us all, when it rolls around you're sure to be prepared!


Are you looking for that classic ice cream shop, steeped with nostalgia?  Bobtail's Ice Cream is just where you'll want to go to be transported back to simpler times.  Here you'll find a warm (unlike the dessert!) and cozy environment with homemade classic flavors such as vanilla bean, mint chip, cookie dough, and pistachio almond!  Maybe you're interested in branching out a little bit with some specialty flavors?  Then be sure to try their Signature Sunset (merlot ice cream, dark chocolate chips), Lakeview Barhopper (Dutch cocoa ice cream with Jack Daniels®), or Cubby Crunch (vanilla ice cream, sprinkles, Oreo®, chocolate chips, toffee).  Whatever flavor you choose you can have it in a cone, cup, or even a build-it-your-own sundae!


Looking for something to help you cool down, but wanting to try something a little bit different?  Check out Snow Dragon with their shaved snow!  Choose from flavors such as fruit lover, coconut snow, or key lime snow.  But maybe you are looking for ice cream.  Wanna spice it up a little?  Grab one of their doughnut ice cream sandwiches and go to town!

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