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644 W. Diversey Pkwy, Chicago, Illinois 60614

Chicago has some of the finest art museums in the nation!

Art and Chicago go together like Picasso and abstraction.  Take a day or two out of your stay and visit some of the world's finest art museums and see in person the classics spanning the history of art and the world. 


The Art Institute of Chicago  Nearly 1.5 million visitors a year stroll through the galleries marveling at the permanent collection (comprised of well over 300,000 works).  Some highlights of the museum includes their collection of African art which focuses on sculpture of West and Central Africa, Impressionism & Post-Impressionism- featuring Seurat's famous A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, and contemporary art with familiar names such as Pollock, Hesse, and Warhol.  In addition to their first rate permanent collection, The Art Institute holds a number of temporary exhibitions.  Currently on view through September 18th is America after the Fall: Painting in the 1930's.  This exhibit features artists who probed at the question of identifying American Art- such artists include O'Keeffe and Hopper.


Looking to focus on contemporary art?  Then the aptly named Museum of Contemporary Art will leave you feeling inspired and maybe even a little philosophical.  The MCA's permanent collection spans all media and movements from the 1920's onward to today.  What makes MCA so special is they're without a permanent collection.  Instead works from their collection appear in special exhibitions through the year.  Current exhibitions include: Phil Collins (no relation to the singer!), the contemporary classical music of Eighth Blackbird Residency, and one of America's greatest living artists Kerry James Marshall.


Some have argued that the arts further one's education, others believe art allows us to transcend ourselves, others simply enjoy an afternoon amongst talent and beauty.  Whatever your belief might be, rest assured Chicago's finest institutions have you covered. 

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