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644 W. Diversey Pkwy, Chicago, Illinois 60614

Explore the Adler Planetarium with packages from Days Inn!

Looking for a truly other-worldly experience?  Then come check out The Adler Planetarium- the very first planetarium in the western hemisphere!  First opened in 1930, thanks to the generous funding of Chicago business leader Max Adler, the planetarium has come a long way now in featuring daily shows, featured exhibits, and even monthly special events.  What could make this visit even more special?  How about saving a few bucks with our visitor package!


The Adler Planetarium offers shows daily that are exciting, informative, and far out.  A few titles include:


•Cosmic Wonder- A film exploring the essential curiosities of the universe.  What are stars?  What holds the universe together?  Why is there something rather than nothing?  Put your thinking cap on and explore these (meta)physical quandaries.


•Skywatch Live- While the night sky in Chicago is stunning it does pose an issue in checking out the stars above.  Skywatch remedies this problem in turning off the city lights to show the sky like you've never seen it before. 


•Undiscovered Worlds- Until recently the only planets known were the eight (or nine, depending on who you ask!) orbiting our sun.  in the past two decades we've discovered more than 1500 new ones orbiting other suns.  Come and explore the tale of their discovery!


Be sure to check out the planetarium's featured exhibits and monthly special events:


The Universe: A Walk Through Space and Time- Explore the genesis of the universe throughout its 13.7 billion year history.  From the big bang to this morning's sunrise.


Adler After Dark- Exclusive for adults, this 21+ event offers full access to the planetarium plus lectures, live entertainment, and a cash bar.  The perfect date night. 


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