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644 W. Diversey Pkwy, Chicago, Illinois 60614

Looking for a great #brunch spot in Chicago? Check out the list below!

Despite all of our differences, one thing I think we can all agree on is that brunch foods are delicious.  Why not try out one of these great local spots on your next visit- of which might make a nice setting to say goodbye to your college student as s/he prepares to start the fall semester!


Have dietary restrictions?  Vegetarian or vegan?  Or maybe you prefer to cut gluten out of your diet through necessity or choice?  Either way Wheat's End Cafe makes a great spot for coffee, tea, or a proper meal- whether or not your diet is gluten free!  Try their Belgium Waffle with fruit compote or vegan butter, grab a bagel with their house-cured lox, or maybe their 48-hour short rib is the order of the day?  Either way, don't forget about brunch cocktails!


Mortar and Pestle offers global flavor and inspiration that's rooted in tradition.  Have something light and regional like their avocado toast with lemon & cumin, or go international with their house sausages which include merguez, maple & sage pork, or chicken sausage.  Foie gras makes two appearances on the menu with foie gras and eggs, plus it's featured in their French Toast.


The Peasantry features elevated street food from international destinations.  Here, most ingredients are sourced from local farms and are organic, plus there are plenty of vegetarian options to choose from.  Give the Italian Beef a go combining eggs, short rib, and gouda.  Or how about The Tuscan Bean & Kale Skillet?  Two eggs are baked with kale, cannelloni beans, spinach, tomato compote plus a host of other flavors.  All this international-fare and you don't need your passport! 


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