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Chicago Cubs 2014 Opening Day April 4

Take yourself out to the ballgame, Wrigley Field-style. And you couldn't pick a better year to go than 2014. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the fabled home of the Chicago Cubs. There will be 10 home stands throughout the season that will commemorate this truly momentous occasion with historic uniforms, giveaways, entertainment and specialty food items. The season-long celebration begins on Opening Day, which is Friday, April 4 versus the Philadelphia Phillies, who will be in town through the weekend. Probably even bigger than Opening Day is Wednesday, April 23, the actual birthday of Wrigley Field, when the Cubbies will be doing battle against the Arizona Diamondbacks in a day game.

At the time it was built in 1914, the ballpark was only one level and had room for 14,000 fans. It was originally known as Weeghman Park, for Charles Weeghman, the owner of the Chicago Federals of the Federal League. When the league went out of business a year later, Weeghman and others, including William Wrigley, Jr., bought the Chicago Cubs and moved them to Weeghman Park for the 1916 season. In 1919, the stadium was renamed Cubs Park. Seven years later, it was christened Wrigley Field. The familiar scoreboard, bleachers and ivy-covered walls haven't changed since 1937. What makes the ballpark so special is the myriad of milestones that have been achieved there. Some of the highlights include Ernie Banks' 500th homerun, Sammy Sosa's 60th homerun in 1998, Greg Maddux's 3000th career strikeout, and the 20-strikeout game pitched by Kerry Wood. For tickets and other baseball-related business, visit http://chicago.cubs.mlb.com/ticketing/index.jsp?c_id=chc.
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