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644 W. Diversey Pkwy, Chicago, Illinois 60614

Millennium Park

An urban icon of natural beauty, art and culture, Millennium Park in Chicago is the city’s lively gathering spot. Located in the heart of Chicago, Millennium Park is a metropolitan oasis with a beautiful collection of art, architecture and landscape design that is the ultimate backdrop for Chicago’s exciting cultural events. With its “new” town square vibe, Millennium Park is the Chicago’s popular destination for outdoor concerts, exhibitions, family activities and tours.

Millennium Park is a wonderful family attraction and the perfect escape for a day of touring, exploring and relaxing. Take in the park’s mix of stunning architecture, sculpture and landscape design in downtown Chicago. Spend the day discovering the beauty of Lurie Gardens, a 5-acre sanctuary with colorful plants and flowers and guided tours.

Enjoy free concerts at Jay Pritzker Pavilion, a revolutionary outdoor concert venue designed by Frank Gehry. With its striking crown of brushed stainless steel ribbons, the Pavilion features a state-of-the-art sound system that booms music out to 4,000 seats and the Great Lawn. The Jay Pritzker Pavilion is home to the Grant Park Music Festival and many events.

Inspired by liquid mercury, Millennium Park’s Cloud Gate is a massive elliptical sculpture forged of seamless stainless steel plates, which reflect Chicago’s skyline and the clouds above. Walk over to Cloud Gate on the AT&T Plaza, touch the mirror-like surface and see your image from different perspectives.

Feel the wow factor of Millennium Park’s public art collection the Crown Fountain. This amazing creation features two 50-foot glass block towers at each end of a reflecting pool that project video images of Chicago faces that give the illusion of water flowing out from their mouths.

Millennium Park is a really awesome place to spend a day in Chicago. From its brilliant landscape to public art and concerts, Millennium Park is Chicago’s cultural and natural heartbeat.

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